Secret Contract Book Cover


Secret Contract

Of all the men I’ve met in my life, Cain Slater is the worst.

He’s selfish, money-driven, not to mention his family is my family’s long-time rival.

But, I’m desperate to sell my inherited shares from my family’s corporation. Unfortunately, Cain Slater is the only bidder willing to buy it fast.

And I’m running out of time.

He agreed to seal the deal under one condition: I work with him for a month to help with the transition.

I can keep it professional. No way I’ll be attracted to this pompous billionaire. I don’t care if he’s tall, handsome, and intelligent.

But the more we work together, the more I’m drawn to him. Could it be that I have completely misjudged him?

Behind his steely mask, I could glimpse a kind heart. And those beautiful eyes and perfectly chiseled jawline, how can I resist?

I find myself slowly opening up to him. But I must be careful or risk revealing my biggest secret.



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